About Us

We are Samyatra Tours

You'll love where we take you and you'll love us

Samyatra Tours is an evolving conglomerate run by a group of visionary traveling enthusiasts who know what it takes to make a typical vacation a total stand-out, that leave people wanting for more.

Established in the year 2007, Samyatra Tours has established an extensive network through the entirety of the Himalayan topography. We maintain healthy contacts with the prospering lodges, hotels, home stays & car/coach rental facilities throughout the Northern India, Nepal & Bhutan to accommodate all of your travel requirements in a budget that merges with your satisfaction.

Our Goals

Each package is carefully crafted & designed to fit a common man’s budget. Our goal is to propagate the rustic beauty each chosen destination holds, on a global level to help Himalayan regions evolve as a preeminent eco-touring destination. And we pledge to do that at reasonable prices.

At the end of the day, your satisfaction is the zenith of our achievement. We strive to provide you with a vacation that makes every previous one you’ve had, trivial.

With SamyatraTours, you’re in safe, seasoned hands.