BHUTAN – An episode with Royalty

Bhutan is a landlocked tuft of land elevated at an average height of 8,000 ft above the sea level. Often referred as the Last Shangri-La, Bhutan is appraised for its meticulously protected natural & cultural ecosystem. Voluntarily cut off from the fast-paced world, Bhutan requires issuing of special permits for exclusive touring visits that can be arranged by a trusted travel agency in Bhutan, like Samyatra Tours. The package amount must be paid in full & in advance to the Ministry of Bhutan Tourism by the local tour operators in Bhutan. The kingdom of Gross National Happiness has efficiently banned the consumption & possession of narcotics & tobacco throughout the country and has made it mandatory for the population to maintain 60% of the country to be forested. With a host of strictly administered environmentally conscious rules, no wonder Bhutan is iconoclastic of a country in the present century.

What does it offer?

This destination flaunts an ethereal, almost virginal allure that comes from the vast expanses of Rhododendron covered valleys, cloud piercing peaks & high perched monasteries that sing of interesting & vivid folklores. Bhutan is a bliss junkie's haven that offers a determined traveler with austere yet rewarding trekking routes in Bhutan. A cultural hunter will never run out of views of picturesque festivals & pristine fortresses in here. And a nature lover will gorge on the visual treats of Bhutan's exotic wildlife & thunderous valleys flanked by silver creeks that are simply irreplaceable by anything else around the globe. Choosing a good travel agent in Bhutan is one is the first & the most crucial step towards making your trip a guaranteed success. Read more about Bhutan

Land of Happiness, Just a Smile Away

Places you cannot miss

To enjoy Bhutan, one must explore the local gatherings that are lively hotspots throbbing with cultural diversity. You must visit the local Weekend market in the capital of Thimpu and get a glimpse of the collectibles the locals show off in full display. From exotic incenses, rustic fur and woolen handlooms, meticulously embroidered colorful drape shawls, and rare edibles. You will never run out of things to take home as souvenirs. Go to the Changlimithang ground and witness the Bhutanese indulge in the seasoned craft of archery, which is their national sport. And get blessed as you witness the traditional Tshechu mask dances in Paro that are supposed to bestow you will good luck. Trek through the Druk Trek Path and climb up the Tiger’s Nest. The possibilities are endless.

More places to explore –
  • Tiger's Nest
  • Motithang Takin Preserve
  • National Museum of Bhutan
  • Jigme Dorji National Park
  • Chimi Lakhang
  • Dochu La Pass
  • Simply Bhutan
  • Tamzhing Monastery
  • Drukgyal Dzong
  • Changchukha Dzong
  • Tsechen Monastery and Dzong
  • Simply Bhutan

Their Cuisine

Bhutan Cuisine

Bhutan thrives of chili & cheese. The people of Bhutan are extremely fond of spicy food & use chili as a vegetable instead of a condiment. Ema Datsi, Kewa Datsi, Shamu Datsi are all cheese dishes cooked with chili, potatoes & mushrooms respectively. Datsi is served with steamed rice and is Bhutan’s staple. Apart from that, they also savour on green pea curries, cheese dumplings filled with assortment of minced vegetables and steamed. You will get buckwheat pancakes and noodles served with curd in Bumthang. Rice beer and buttered tea are also the local favorites.

The People

Bhutan People

Bhutan is dominated by the Buddhist but Hinduism prevails too. The Ngalops & the Sharcops, the Lhotshampas & the Nepalese Gurkha thrive here. Dzongkha is the national language and Ngultrum is their currency. Indian Rupee is in healthy circulation as well and holds the same monetary value to the Ngultrum.

Best time to visit

Best time to visit

Visiting Bhutan during March to May is ideal as Spring enforces full floral action around the entire kingdom of Bhutan. by the end of May, Bhutan experiences torrential monsoon that makes activities like trekking and rafting impossible. By the onset of September, Autumn settles in and brings clear skies and calm weather that brings an ideal second touring season after Spring. Autumn lasts till November.

Access Bhutan

Bhutan operates only one airline from Paro in the name of Druk Air, from Kathmandu, Kolkata, Delhi, etc.

Railways are relatively absent in Bhutan.

Bhutan is flanked with an extensive road network that connects the country with India through the city of Jaigaon, which is well connected to the Indian airport of Bagdogra & the Indian railway station, NJP.