DOOARS – A redefined way to visit nature

Dooars is an expanse of rich alluvial floodplains that rests beneath the Himalayan foothills at an elevation that ranges from 90 – 1,750 meters. It encompasses Resorts in Dooars come under the district of Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri & Coochbehar, housing a totality of six national parks and reserves in West Bengal alone, owing to its rich cultural biodiversity. Flanked by the tributaries and distributaries of Teesta & Sankosh, it is the only existing gateway to Bhutan hence is rightfully named Duars.

Local Tour Operator in Dooars- What do they offer?

Dooars is an upgraded destination for hardcore nature enthusiasts & bliss junkies. Spread for miles and miles with lush green canopies that hide a rich kingdom of Indian flora & fauna. Only an experienced travel agent in Dooars will give you an in-depth tour to the marshes, flood plains & jungles that will bring you face to face with the real existing scene of Indian ecology. Unlike any other touring travel agency in Dooars, Samyatra will showcase you the richness of this destination. Dooars is a wildlife-oriented location & supports the unhindered movement of the rare wildlife species that thrive here – ranging from the One-horned Rhinoceros to the Bengal Tigers, Leopards, chitals, boars, Gaurs, Asian Elephants, Sloth Bears, Indian wild hogs, Indian Wolf, Giant Squirrels, Sambar & barking deer, and more.

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Places you cannot miss

Visit the ruins of the Buxa Duar fortresses which offer a reverberating glimpse of the colonial period. The fortress was used by the British to imprison rebels who revolted against colonialism. Go for an adventurous escapade of white water rafting in the tumultuous tides of Teesta. The sport can be customized for both beginners & professionals. Embark on a jeep safari to the canopied trails of Gorumara and Chapramari sanctuaries to get an up close view of tigers, rhinos, leopards & chitals in their natural habitat. Cruise through the scenic orchards in Suntaleykhola by the silvery creeks often visited by the animals by the break of dawn.

More places to explore –
  • Gorumara National Park
  • Neora Valley
  • Samsing & Suntaleykhola
  • Bindu
  • Buxa Tiger Reserve
  • Chapramari Wildlife Reserve
  • Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Jaldapara National Park

Their Cuisine

Dooars Cuisine

The extensive coverage of the region brings forth an extensive platter as well when it comes to food. But the local highlights are tender bamboo shoots fermented & preserved to be eaten as pickles or to be added to regular vegetable stews for that extra flavor. With the abundance of fresh streams that flank this alluvial region, a variety of fish items are always in circulation. Fish is basically sun dried, and pickled or fried fresh in gram flour batter to be eaten with freshly ground tomato garlic salsa. Fish curries are prepped with ground mustard seeds and dried chilies that lend the curries an extra spicy kick. While you’re on a scenic stroll, grab the freshly fried bread served in the roadside stalls along with varied lentil-potato stews that are extremely filling & delicious.

The People

Dooars People

Dooars, being an extensively vegetation dominated area, is majorly inhabited by the rural tribes who are the descendants of Rava, Bodo & Mech with distinct, mongoloid features. Their main occupation is agriculture and they are the major participants in Dooars tea industry. There’s a gradual ingress of Bengali & Marwari population in the region as well.

Best time to visit

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Dooars is from October to February. This season is ideal for touring through Dooars because October witnesses the settling of winter which eases out the climate of Dooars. During summer, the sun is overhead and during monsoon, the rains make it impossible to pursue safaris & water sports. Autumn and Spring are non-existent, making Winter an ideal time for the tour.

Access Dooars

The nearest airport in Bagdogra connects Dooars to all the main cities in India. Rented/reserved vehicles are easily available from Bagdogra (83kms).

Many North Bengal State Transport Corporation run & private mini buses commute to Dooars from towns like Siliguri & Darjeeling.

The nearest railheads to Dooars are the Madarihaat Railway Station & NJP Railway Station.